The wedding
The time line
The ceremony
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The ceremony

If the weather will allow it the ceremony will take place at pier at the ”Utsiktsplatsen Öresundsbron”(see The directions for more details).
All the guests will gather at the parking by the ”Luftkastellet” 13:30 and make their way down to the pier at 13:45. The ceremony will start at 14:00.

After the ceremony we will have an alcohol free toast and we will take the opportunity to take some group pictures. Margreet & Fredde will then take some more pictures together with Jouri while the guests are welcome to make their way to Klagshamn where the festivities will continue.

Please let us know if you need any assistance with your transport. Also please let us know if you have any extra room in the car and if you can take some of the other guests. Together we will find a solution that fits everybody 🙂 .

Bad weather scenario

We would love to have our wedding ceremony outside but in case of rain or if it’s very windy the ceremony will be moved to Klagshamn instead.
Please check this site for updates regarding this scenario.