Today started with a lazy sleep in! It was much appreciated as we were both tired after a busy day yesterday with a lot of walking and biking. We had a small breakfast at home and had a great chat with El and Julian. El has been feeling really bad due to her tooth ache and especially tired because of her medication so we haven’t seen much of them. We really feel sorry for her :-(! They are really great and we get along perfectly! They love Copenhagen and they might even visit Malmö in a few weeks as they have planned a city trip to Copenhagen. Such fun!

Margreet left for her last day of swimming and the plan was for Fredde to do some blog writing, taking pictures in and around Victoria Park. Since Margreet will be swimming in the crappy pool instead of the awesome one Fredde can’t watch her live in any case. Once Margreet had biked to the Aquatics Centre for the last time *sniff* she realized that she had forgotten one tiny little detail… her accreditation! Fredde of course got to play the hero and jumped on a Santander bike (YES! for once there were actually bikes directly outside) and biked to her rescue!

Well, once at the Olympic Park Fredde went for a nice flat white and a croissant in the nearby shopping Centre (or more accurately shopping Town! It’s insanely big).

The organization held for the last day and everything was on time. Despite a good warm-up Margreet had a hard time focusing and concentrating on the race. She ended up with a time of 29.70 and was very disappointed as she had hoped for a time below 29. The time got her to an honored 19th place, not bad since it’s not even her main style! Also, racing in pool 1 was so much more fun!!!

The whole championship was everything from chaotic with insane cues and pure chaos on the first day to absolutely amazing with a silver medal! It’s definitely something Margreet would do again… World Championship here she comes!

Our plan for the evening was to go on the Eye of London and to take some photos of the beautiful canals. We started off with biking by the canals and taking photos and ended up at Mile End. We found a very cute little park by the bike station :-).

From Mile End we took the tube to Westminster and walked straight up into chaos. So many tourists and they are all walking over each other! We managed to get to the Eye and now we only had to get something to eat since be basically only had breakfast and a snack… Well, why not try fish ‘n’ chips!? Well, let us tell you why: It’s unhealthy, doesn’t really taste anything but fat and mayo and it’s overpriced as hell close to the Eye. But we did it anyway and that how we ended up with the conclusion before and now we can cross that of our list as well!

Fortunately, we had booked the fast line for the Eye so the queue wasn’t that bad (it was that bad for the normal line!). Once up in the air the view over the city was amazing! Pictures are worth a thousand words.

We took a stroll over South Bank and it was really nice! We went in to the underbelly and ordered some very delicious looking waffles and asked about where we could get some good coffee. He recommended someone in a green container (?) little further down the bank… Sure enough further down the bank was a green container where they served excellent coffee and various alcoholic beverages :-).

We continued our stroll of South Bank and then crossed the river Thames over one of the Golden Jubilee Bridges to Westminster.

As we walked toward Trafalgar Square we passed “Herman ze German”, a really good guy playing the guitar and very good street artists. It almost broke our hearts to hear that they have to clean away their painting at the end of the day… We also passed the Adelphi Theater where we will come tomorrow to see Kinky Boots!!!

Both of our stomachs began to feel the aftermath of the fish ‘n’ chips from earlier so we headed back home the normal way (read: first the tube and then biked the last part).

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  1. Meta says:

    You have slot of Energy and do and see a lot. Have fun. I booked Sweden.

    • Fredde says:

      We’ve had a wonderful stay and have had so much fun. More stories will come in the next few days.
      So great to hear that you have booked! Looking forward to see you again! 🙂
      Thanks for following us! <3

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