We dedicated this cold and damp October weekend to Emma and finished redoing her grave. The plan has always been to create a flowerbed. Earlier this year we started off the project by doing a lot of research (Google is your friend 😉 ) which in turn produced a lot of paper-sketches. Once we had decided on a design and layout we ordered a clearing of the gravel from the grave and let them dig down about 10cm.

The project came to a standstill as we were waiting for the gravel clearing and the wedding preparations also took more and more of our time. After letting our little angel having a barren landscape on her grave during the summer we decided it was time to roll up our sleeves…

We headed to our local gravel and stone company to pick up hundreds of kilos of stone and ground cover membrane. Our local recycling station provided excellent soil and finally we bought flower bulbs at our favorite flower store.

It was a hard and sweaty job but also very fulfilling in the end when we saw the final result.

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