Well, this day in May turned out to be a fabulous summer day in Sweden – twenty something degrees and sunny! Too bad we had to leave that behind… But on the other hand if we weren’t going to London we would be at work… Easy choice!!!

For once we didn’t have as much time as we normally do at the airport. Bad timing with the bus and the train, showing and scanning the passport more times than ever before… However, we did catch a break at the security check as we all of a sudden were hoarded into the priority lane :-), must have been our good looks ;-). Margreet’s luck ran out as she had to take off her shoes, go back and forward through the scanner and finally the security guys wanted to go through her carry on for a routine inspection. Fredde thought about karma since Margreet had a good laugh at him when things were reversed last time at Schiphol…

After an uneventful flight it took some walking to get to the Heathrow Express which took us fast and easy to Paddington. To find the right tube took us both some walking and asking around but we finally took Hammersmith & City Line (we just love the name 😉 ) and then changed to Central (kinda boring name 😉 ). Finally we switched to the bus which took us close to Albany Works and Gunmakers Lane – our home for the next week. The weather was not as good as in Sweden but at least it wasn’t raining…

El’s and Julian’s place was just as nice, cool and cozy as the pictures promised!

Now we needed to get Margreet’s accreditation at the Olympic Center so we headed out to find some Santander Cycles. Oh yeah, about the “at least it wasn’t raining” part before, forget it, it started to rain. However, it was just a sprinkling so it was no real worries :-)! The bikes worked really nice and with a little detour or two we finally ended up at the Olympic Center.

The whole park was very impressive and especially the aqua center! We picked up the accreditation and watched a couple of heats before we headed back to get something to eat. We ended up at a really great Italian restaurant called Buon Appetito where we had home baked bread, delicious ravioli and finished off the dinner with some Tiramisu and chocolate soufflé.

Back at Albany Works we met El and Julian who both were really nice! We are looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow and Margreet’s first day of the competition!

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  1. Henk Aanstoot says:

    Wat een stad , mooie foto,s.
    Heel veel plezier en lekker genieten.

    Liefs en groetjes,,,,,,,,Pa Henk

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