We actually had a good night’s sleep despite it being the first night at a new place… It probably had to do with the fact that we had a quite busy day yesterday with a lot of travel. We decided to try out the café across the street, The Peanut Vendor. The breakfast was excellent!

We decided to go quite early to the Olymic Park just to play it a little bit safe. We found only one available bike outside our house so Fredde decided to have a nice little walk to the park. The Santander Bikes are really great concept but at some places it’s really difficult to find available bikes and that can be quite frustrating when you are in a little bit of a hurry!

While Margreet waited in line to get into the Aquatic Center Fredde enjoyed the beautiful architecture! The line however, was not moving fast if at all :-(. An hour turned into two and everybody outside was getting really upset, frustrated and above all worried. How would you have time to change (takes a long time to get into those swimming suits!), to do the warm-up etc?

Fredde’s line to get in was moving at a steady pace and he was in after half an hour or so, but he was more worried about Margreet and did his best to calm her and keep her spirits up!  Once inside Fredde watched some swimming and it was cool to see so many people doing warmups at the same time.

FINALLY! The waiting was over and it was time to see our Margreet do her first European Championship swim! Since Margreet was swimming in pool 2 Fredde couldn’t watch her and had to see and film the big screen instead. It was just as excited and thrilling and Margreet didn’t let anyone down when she did a marvelous swim and came in on fifth place! Fifth place!!! She is top five in Europe in her category! Nice!

Margreet’s goal was top ten and beat that with a margin :-). She was very happy as well but a little bummed that it was only half a second from third and bronze place. All the worry about the bad organization, lack of information and no idea if she would actually be able to swim was the worst possible preparation for her race. So considering all that Margreet did amazing!

It was no problem to find bikes home and we made our selves ready for our evening out. We had decided to try out a board game café! It sounded really cool and we couldn’t wait to try it out. We picked a nice biking route along the canals. It was an amazing route with a lot of barges (house boats).

Finally at Draughts we first ate really good focaccias and then we let the games begin! Well, we first had to choose what games to play which took a long time but was fun in itself.

First off we chose Machi Koro It was a great and easy game – a good choice to start with. Fredde managed to win the first game of the night. With a little help from a game leader we chose the second game for the night – Patchwork! We both enjoyed this game a lot and once again Fredde walked away as the winner… To finish of our game night we took something similar to us but still different – 7 Wonders Duel. This version of the game is especially made for two players. As we were both quite tired by now we kinda rushed this game… It was still fun and especially for Fredde who made a hat trick and won the third game as well. Since it’s Fredde that is writing this I will put a happy face here! 😀

We biked back home by the canals again. This time with a detour as we missed an exit and ended up biking towards center again… But we of course only wanted to see more of the surroundings!

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  1. Henk Aanstoot says:

    Mooi hoor al die foto,s maar heb je echt 5 medailles gewonnen?
    of was je bij de top 5 van Europa? allebei heel knap hoor.
    Jullie maken wel veel leuke dingen mee.
    Nog veel plezier daar.

    Liefs Pa

    • Margreet says:

      Hoi paps, ik was 5e op de 50 meter schoolslag en 2e op de 100 meter schoolslag.
      1 medailje dus, maar dat is genoeg hoor 😉
      Vandaag de laatste wedstrijd en daarna nog even lekker van Londen genieten.

      Veel liefs!

  2. Meta says:

    Zo fijn om jullie te zien genieten , Margreet straalt. Daar word ik blij van. We zijn super trots op Margreet en blij dat ze jou gevonden heeft Fredde !

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