We had breakfast once again at the Peanut Vendor but afterwards we biked to a convenience store nearby so that we can make our own breakfast tomorrow.

Margreet started to get ready for another competition day. The organization at the swimming center seemed better today with a much more detailed schedule online. Today Margreet was going to swim 100m breaststrokes in pool 1! This was going to be the highlight of the whole championship for Margreet – the real Olympic pool!

As we were leaving for the Aquatic Center the biking hell broke loose again… Margreet got at least a bike outside while Fredde drew blank… He looked in the app and saw that 5 bikes were available further down the road but in the opposite direction. “Oh well, no worries, I will catch up!” he said happily… Well, he wasn’t happy anymore when he found out that the whole bike point was out of order. A not so happy Fredde (who invented a few new curse words) decided to walk instead as all the other bike points didn’t show any available bikes…

Margreet on the other hand actually found a much more organized Olympic Aquatic Center today and she got in plenty ahead of time for the warm ups. Once inside the Aquatic Center Fredde found a good spot by the Swedish flag to take some pictures of Margreet in the pool.

Margreet had a nice warm-up and it felt good and relaxed… Definitely much better circumstances today than yesterday!

It was finally time for the last heat in age group 35-39 and Margreet was on lane 2 and ready to make history…

And history she made! It was a very good start and the first 50m was almost as fast as yesterday’s time (on her 50m breaststrokes). She remembered her trainer Bosse’s words – “Don’t chicken out after the turn but instead go for it on the third 25m!” She sure as hell didn’t chicken out! But the last 12½m the juice went out of her… But by pure strength of will, while her muscles screamed to stop swimming, she pushed herself to the tiles as… NUMBER TWO! The time was well below 1:19 (just like Bosse promised her) and that earned her an extremely well-deserved silver medal! WOW! Top 2 in Europe!

Neither Margreet nor Fredde dared to believe that it was actually true and double and triple and… Well, we both checked against the previous heat and waited for the result to get published, and then it was final, Margreet won her first European Championship medal! And not just any medal but a silver one!

Next followed a very intense “social media communication”… which means that Fredde was very active on Facebook, WhatsApp and on mail with various people.

On our way from the pool we actually timed the medal ceremony perfectly. The ceremony was held at a café close by and we also met the other MKK medalists. Margreet got her silver medal and had a nice talk with the Norwegian winner.

We finished off a perfect day with a perfect celebration dinner together with some great swimming buddies at “The Real Greek”. The food and company was excellent!!!

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  1. Meta says:

    Zooooooo trots !!!! Proficiat…. Voor jou a medal of super support Fredde.

    • Margreet says:

      Bedankt Meetje :-). Ja, het was echt een super verrassing, ook voor mij.
      En Fredde is inderdaad mijn grootste supporter :-). Fijn om dit ook te kunnen delen.

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