The day has finally arrived that we were going to see Coldplay live once again! Last time we saw Coldplay live was at their Mylo Xyloto Tour in Copenhagen which was an amazing concert! In other words we had very high expectations. This time we were going Amsterdam Arena and not alone but together with our wonderful sister and brother in law, Hanneke and Berend 🙂

Last year both couples believed that giving away tickets to the next Coldplay concert would be the perfect Christmas gift for the other couple… But luckily we independently of each other thought that it would be best to double check that other couple wouldn’t have the same excellent idea. True enough, the next Skype call reviled just that, we had both thought of the perfect Christmas present 😀

To get 4 tickets sitting together proved to be a challenge. To be honest, getting tickets at all was a challenge! On the release date we both found a secluded spot at our jobs and armed with a computer we got to work on getting the well sought after tickets on Ticketmaster – Fredde worked Copenhagen and Margreet Amsterdam. Even though we logged in plenty of time in advanced we both got stuck in the ticket queue :-(… Margreet struck gold first and managed to get 4 tickets sitting together high up on the far side! We were both so worked up and excited that Fredde’s Apple Watch even registered half an hour of work out!

Now, more than half a year later, we are finally here in the Netherlands to see our favorite band :-D! We thought it best to leave well in advance so we didn’t have to stress. Picking up Hanneke at work we headed to Amsterdam. The drive went rather smooth and we only got stuck in a few small traffic jams close to the arena. Since Margreet had been freezing on our last concert in Copenhagen and that they promised rain during the evening, she had put on long dark blue jeans (even though it was close to thirty degrees outside)… It did prove to be a bad mistake and Margreet was extremely hot the entire evening (of course Fredde always thinks that but that’s beside the point 😉 ).

The whole Arena Area was packed with excited and anticipated people and you could hear people all around talking about, singing and humming Coldplay. It was definitely more than rain in the air, it was #MagicNightWithColdplay in the air!

We warmed up with some excellent Asian food at the Arena. Berend and Fredde of course picked the hottest food they could find (excellent choices according to them both) and while Fredde started to cough uncontrollably Berend started to sweat with about the same condition… Of course neither was due to the hot food ;-).

Inside the Arena we found our places high up in the seats, like six rows from the top, but the (over)view was excellent, although a tad scary… Even worse than the long way down (yes, both Hanneke and Fredde are not too fond of heights) was the heat. Due to the rain forecast the roof was closed which basically produced a rainforest like environment 🙁

The supporting bands was OK but not the best we’ve heard and we excitedly waited for Coldplay to enter the scene… And enter the scene they did and not only that, they owned the scene! Words cannot not describe this amazing concert so we have put together a small video clip instead. We do apologize for the bad image and sound quality (and also for Fredde’s (lack of) singing voice).

Of course we took some pictures of the concert as well…

We later got the explanation to the relatively many empty seats at the start of the concert – major traffic jams which had been caused by the many people going to the concert!

Getting out of the area took some time but it could have been a lot worse and an hour or so later we were all safely home and with a wonderful memory that will live on forever!

Thank you Coldplay and “Tot ziens”!!! <3

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