We woke up to a rainy and grey day – our first day in London with normal English weather ;-). Today we were going to have a very spiritual day and visit St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey and spice it up with a little “hop on hop off bus tour”. We took the bus and then the tube to St Paul and had a very “Espresso House like” breakfast at Nero (in Fredde’s opinion better coffee but Margreet doesn’t really agree…).

Once we came in to the cathedral we found out that the entrance was quite expensive (£18 pp) and it wasn’t covered in our London pass either so we passed… One church had to be enough for one day so we made it to the bus stop and waited for our guide bus. We actually got a good seat (on the top and in front). The only drawback was that every now and then (when the bus braked) a flow of water filled the floor by our feet…

The bus tour was quite interesting at times but with the extreme traffic which made the bus move at a snail’s pace made it quite boring at the other times… Oh well, it was included in our London passes and we did get some nice stories and facts told to us :-). We made it to Westminster Abbey and we were chilled to the bone. Not so much that it was very cold or that we had been in the rain but everything was damp and we had sat for way to long without being able to move around.

Westminster Abbey was amazing! It was a very beautiful place and with a history both very interesting and intriguing. We of course lit a candle for our Emma and moved on with an audio tour. Like we pointed out before, it was very interesting, this being the final resting place of kings and queens and famous figures like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and many more! The abbey is still a working church and when we arrived a ceremony was being performed. Also once every hour a minster does a one minute prayer with all the tourists and visitors around. Today the gardens of the Abbey were open for the public and because it actually stopped raining for a while we got a few nice shots of the Victoria Tower at the Palace of Westminster. We ended our Westminster Abbey visit with an afternoon tea at the Cellarium. It was good, especially the savoury, but it couldn’t be compared to the afternoon tea at the Houses of Parliament.

We took the tube to Bond Street to do some shopping and ended up at Selfridges. Both tired we split up and Fredde had a flat white while Margreet looked at the women’s section. We quickly went through the bottom floor and then decided that we’ve had enough and made our way home via the tube and bus. In the middle of rush hour it was very cramped on the tube! We actually met Julian as we jumped off our bus stop :-). We had a nice talk and we found out that both Fredde and Julian work as IT architects! Cool! Well, at least Fredde thought that and he and Julian continued to talk about work…

We ended the evening with a delicious pizza at our favourite London Italian restaurant – Buon Appetito. We also had lots of laughs together with El and Julian!

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  1. Britt-Louise Nilsson says:

    Hej semesterfirare!
    Nu har vi båda läst och informerats live om er semestervistelse i London.
    Intressant, rolig och minnesvärd resa vad vi förstår.
    Det gäller att hitta guldkornen i resmålet och det förstår vi att ni har gjort.
    Nu är ni tillbaka i vardagen med några arbetsfria dagar med Remus.
    Ha det så bra och var rädda om er.
    mamma “Bitte” & pappa “Nisse”

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